a girl who want to know whats wrong with her and her life....


I don’t understand how some people can go from being your best friend one day and then the next day they simply cut you out of their lives and you never speak again

Je mehr man gibt, desto mehr wird es zur Selbstverständlichkeit für andere

Entschuldigung, ich sag nie wieder was.


im such a fucking jealous asshole i pretend like i dont care but i care so much im gonna explode

“I am alive. I am here. I am trying. That is enough.”

– (via bealightinthedark)


shout out to all of you who don’t want to live anymore, to get out of bed, and still get up, have a shower, get dressed, go to school, come home and collapse with emotional exhaustion because let me tell you, you’re the strongest people of all and I am ever so proud of you

  • dein tumblr macht mir voll Angst..
    Menschen :
  • wenn es dir Angst macht nur diese Bilder zu sehen, na was glaubst du wie es ist diese Bilder zu leben?
    Ich :